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Consumer Reports Garage Door Openers

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Consumer Reports Garage Door Openers


A garage door is the most commonly used door of a house. It must be equipped with a good garage door opener which must have the capability of not making any noise, being speedy, having outclass sensor perform mace and these security features that must combine into the best garage door opener protection for home and family. Consumer Reports Garage Door OpenersAll of these features keep the unwanted guests out of your living place and give you the peace of mind be being reliable and guaranteed for several years. Consumer reports on garage door openers give the complete coverage but the drawback of these reports is that they have not been reviews in the last six years.

The three main types of garage door openers are differentiated by mechanisms they have in their functionality. The most common type is chain drive garage doo r openers which are the least expensive. The quiet of all but expensive ones are belt drive garage door openers, and the garage door openers that are on average are called screw drive garage door openers. Experts say that these door openers are powerful and are available with the fewest number of moving parts. That is why, they require least maintenance. Nowadays, they are hard to find in the market because not many companies manufacture it now.

Most famous garage door openers manufacturers include Chamberlain, Craftsman, Genie, LiftMaster and Wayne-Dalton. The consumer reports for garage door openers are mostly vague but they state that most of the garage door openers are manufactured by two to three main companies: Chamberlain, Genie and Craftsman. By far, Craftsman is the biggest manufacturer of all. It was tested that the garage door openers with 1/2 horsepower can lift 16 feet wide door easily. Most of the models are super quiet and are reliable in functionality. It was also observed that screw drive garage door openers are less hectic to install as they have few moving parts which makes installation quick and easy. In various tests, it has been observed that most garage doors take twelve to thirteen seconds while opening and closing. The fastest opened door completed the task in just eight seconds.

The consumer reports state that if you want to select garage door opener then you must keep a few criteria in mind. First if the speed, second is security, third is the quiet operation and the last is price and warranty. Warranties vary with the product; usually the motor of the garage door opener has its separate warranty while the whole equipment has its own.

The types of garage door openers can be classified by the methods of installation. The garage door openers can be installed by the user himself or an expert can be called upon to fulfill this job. The features of the garage door openers help the potential buyer in making decision about the best garage door opener in the end. Added security is the foremost feature of garage door openers according to the consumer reports which the people are looking for. There are sensors and detectors and a control panel with the equipment. Whole of the transmission is recorded which can be replayed in order to check for any dangers. The belt driven garage door openers are the most quiet garage door openers in the world, but they are expensive. If you want the best security for your home and family then price should not matter. Speed is another important feature which keeps the interest of the potential buyer in making decision for a certain garage door opener. Disconnection is very important because when the garage door opener stops working due to any reason then it must stop automatically. The door needs to be opened manually and then is the real test whether the door opens smoothly or not. Extra controls have to be added in the equipment because extra safety must be ensured. Codes can be programmed into the system so that any unwanted person cannot tamper the system settings in any case.

It has been observed that customers have not used many garage door openers because the one they are using has years of warranty and they have not replaced it since many years. So, the fact that they are unaware of the functionality of various garage door openers is quite obvious and they provide views on only one garage door opener which they have been using.

Garage door openers were once a luxury but now they are common in every house as every family needs protection against dangers. Many of the reviews by the users include the ones which are about defective parts and those are the users that are unsatisfied. Otherwise most of the users are well satisfied and are recommending using the product to others. Expert rating are quite helpful in helping the buyer to decide which company to go for and the online reviews are a handy tool for these buyers.

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Consumer Reports Garage Door OpenersConsumer Reports Garage Door OpenersConsumer Reports Garage Door Openers


A garage door is the most commonly used door of a house. It must be equipped with a good garage door…

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