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Garage Door Openers Reviews

| September 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

Garage door openers reviews have been pretty helpful for all those people who want to buy a new garage door opener for their home in order to protect their home from any danger. It not just a door opener which performs the function of opening and closing the garage door, it is more than that. It is a complete package to make your home safe from burglars, thieves or any unwanted guests. In fact, it is an alarm system. Garage Door Openers ReviewsThere is a range of garage door openers available in the market and on the websites all over the internet. Some of the companies that are renowned for making these garage door openers are Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, Genie, Linear, Zap, Allstar etc. The door openers that are manufactured by these companies are easy to install, available at inexpensive prices and are extremely quiet in their functionality. Every manufacturer gives various parts and accessories in the unit box which allows the user to install it manually as there is a product manual in the packing as well. Each of the garage door opener is equipped with high technology control panels which give the user the facility to operate easily and get all the instructions once they are installed and turned on. The package comes with sensor detectors so that any kind of danger can be alerted to the home owners. Also, every garage door opener comes with a number of years of warranties to ensure the user of the faultless security.

Various experts have rated a number of garage door openers according to their usability, functionality and the kind of performance those openers deliver. For instance, Craftsman 1/2 horsepower garage door opener belt drive is equipped with a motor which helps in opening and closing of the door without any noise. This means that when you are sleeping in your room peacefully and the room is just above your garage, you would never get to know when your father comes in home late at night from his office and drives the car inside the house. It comes with two remotes which is somewhat a hassle for the user as he or she has to take care of both the remotes and when to operate what becomes confusion mostly. But the advantage associated with it that you can program a code in it so that any unwanted person cannot crack the code and cannot enter your home without your permission. The product has three years guarantee for parts and ten years guarantee for the motor. The experts have rated this garage door opener as an average product. check out the available products options out there; Full list, PD210D, PD432D, WD822KD, WD962KD, LiftMaster 380,

The most common features and specifications of all these garage openers comprise of belt drive, high capacity motor, strong product body and equipped with all the essential accessories for do-it-yourself installation, security lights, remote control, highly proficient control panels, etc. The price ranges from $200 to $450 depending upon the product features and the company manufacturers. Most of the times, the companies provide their separate parts so that if you want to install that part yourself then you can do it easily. The prices of those parts are exactly the same as they come with the package. The separate parts prices sometimes vary from $10 to $40 depending upon the functionality of that part. The shipping of the whole product is free in particular if you are ordering online from any website, especially Amazon.

Important features to look when buying the best garage door opener:

  • The garage door opener must be quiet and should not produce any noise while the door is being opened or closed.
  • The door opener must not be too slow to open or close the door that the user has to wait for long before going out or coming in the garage.
  • The product should be able to handle the pressure of heavy doors, especially the garage ones which have to be secured by these openers through high technology safety programming. The standard size of the door for which these openers are installed is 7 feet.
  • Chain drive openers must not be there as they get rusted. Rather, belt drive openers should be there in the product.
  • Amongst the three types of garage door openers, the average costing openers are screw-drive openers. They are average in noise and cost. The most costly ones are belt drivers and the most inexpensive ones are chain drive openers.
  • The selection of power matters a lot. For heavy doors, 3/4 horsepower is recommended while for garage doors for one car requires 1/2 horsepower. The price variation is not very substantial.
  • Another important factor that the buyer must keep in mind is the safety and security features. Most of the garage door openers have an added feature of displaying an invisible light beam which traces the passing of any unwanted objects in your home. It gives alerts of any suspected danger. The code feature included in the product disallows any unwanted person to break in.
  • Remote control, battery and lights of the system must be verified before buying any garage door opener for the reason that the battery has to back up the system while it’s functioning at your home. The lights can be used up to 100 watts bulbs so that there is no darkness in your garage when the door opener is working.
  • Keyless entry pads, warranty and the price are the most thought out elements of any garage door opener. The entry pads must be user friendly while the warranty should last up to 6 to 10 years. Price varies from company to company but also depends on the door size requirements for the product.

There are two segments of people who have used the garage door openers. One is the segment who is satisfied with the performance of their garage openers and the other segment entails those users who are unsatisfied. Some of the people have replaced their garage door openers with another brand’s openers or with the same manufacturers as well. The unsatisfied customers have complaints regarding installation time, remote control features, LCD light display and poor customer service. Various people say that the product is not worth buying while others have rated the same product in five stars. But by disregarding these complaints we can come across the positive features of the garage door openers which would compel the buyer to install it at his or her home.

Experts say the wisest purchase of a garage door opener is made after going through garage door openers reviews online because that would save a lot of time and money. Once you have all the features and comparison of prices of a large number of brands, you can decide more sensibly about which garage door opener to install in your home.

By gathering all the positive features and positive reviews of the people on different websites, we come to the conclusion that garage door openers are the safest means of protecting your home against any kind of danger. It is worth your money and a very sensible choice of purchase lasting for several years. Provided you care for your home and family, you must go for the garage door opener if you are not having one.

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Garage Door Openers Reviewsunrated0
Garage Door Openers ReviewsGarage Door Openers ReviewsGarage door openers reviews have been pretty helpful for all those people who want to buy a new garage door opener for their home in order to protect …
Garage Door Openers Reviewsunrated0